How to download and use the new WW App

We've launched a new app! Download it now as the old app will no longer be supported.
How to download and use our new WW App

Download our new WW app
Our old app is being replaced by a newer, cooler version! Check it out by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play now.

Please be aware that the old version of the Weight Watchers App will no longer be supported, so you will need to download the new app to keep tracking from 30 Nov 2015.

How to download the app
If you have an iPhone or iPad
1. Go to iTunes App store
2. Search for Weight Watchers
3. Select 'Weight Watchers app' (NOT 'Weight Watchers Mobile')
4. Click download
Alternatively click here for iOS

IMPORTANT: Go to Settings > Language setting > Select 'English Australia' or 'English NZ'
Log in with your same username and password.
You must be on an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 (or newer), running iOS 8 (or higher).

If you have an Android Device
1. Go to Google Play
2. Search for Weight Watchers
3. Select the 'Weight Watchers app' NOT 'Weight Watchers Mobile'
4. Click download
Alternatively click here for Android

IMPORTANT: Whether you're in AU or NZ, go to Settings > Language setting > Select 'English Australia'
Log in with your same username and password as the old app and website.
You must be on Android version 4.0.3 (or higher)

What's new in the WW app?

New look and feel!
We've given our new app a vibrant and refreshed look and feel. Your Tracker is now called My Day. It's intuitive and easier to use. We think you're going to love it!

Barcode Scanner for iOs
We've made tracking as simple as scanning barcodes with your mobile. Once you've scanned a food or drink item, you can save it, favourite it and add it your tracker.

You'll see that we're now asking for additional nutrition info to determine a food's ProPoints value.

Crowd Sourced Foods
Crowdsourced foods means that if you scan a barcode and it's not already in our food database, you can submit it and share it with other members.

Activity Dashboard
You can see your weekly and daily activity in activity ProPoints values, minutes and steps.

What's no longer in the app?
We've listened to your feedback and we've removed the following features that were unpopular
- Cheat Sheets
- Shopping List
- Healthy checks
- Option to show Filling & Healthy foods only

Important good news!
And based on your feedback we have some cool features coming very soon!
- Connect - a new app only community so you can share your journey with other members
- Apple Watch integration
- Meal Builder

Recipe Builder
While the app version of the Recipe Builder is being enhanced, you can access it via the website which is now mobile responsive. Simply log into the website from your mobile, click on >More >My Foods >Create a custom food. To access the Recipe Builder from your app; Click on the home screen (the blue plus) >My Foods >Create.

Access the desktop version of My Day via your mobile
Your My Day dashboard is mobile responsive! That means you can log into the website via your mobile to use the exact same tools as your desktop computer.

Got questions? Need help?
Get support and help from Weight Watchers Coach 7 days a week. If you have a question about the Program or need some technical advice, open am instant chat session between 8am to 8pm (AEST).